Meet Our Photographer: Pamela Brown Wilkinson

Pamela Brown Wilkinson, photographer for Natural Expressions Photography, has devoted a major portion of her lifetime to capturing images of both the beautiful and the fascinating in her environment. Influenced by her father, Pam has developed an “eye” for what makes a great photograph.

It didn’t hurt that she was raised by parents who treasured the natural wonders in our world and spent family vacations exploring local and national parks, roughing it in campgrounds, hiking, skiing, wading in streams, visiting wildlife preserves and generally exploring to their hearts’ content. And always with photographs, slides and 35 millimeter movies to keep the memories fresh.

Pam has lived in 3 states – Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon – and has visited at least 20 others, as well as traveled internationally. Her formal education at University of New Mexico prepared her for her first career in teaching. Subsequent careers in sales, marketing and business administration have broadened her experiences and talents.


Artist’s Statement


Not that long ago, I got up the courage to put my photographs into the public eye and ask for money (!) in exchange for copies of them. That was the moment I became a “real” photographer. But in reality, I have been a photographer since I first got my hands on a Brownie camera back in the olden days when I was a pre-teen. Since then, I have owned and used a variety of cameras, not just for recording what’s happening, but to capture the beauty of nature and my surroundings.

Photography allows me to express my creativity.  I would love to be able to draw, to paint, to sculpt, but I don’t have those talents (at least not that I’ve discovered so far!). And photography allows me to connect with people who appreciate the same visions I have when I’m composing the photo.

In particular, I enjoy taking photos of scenes and objects that give rise to strong emotions.  And, as I compose the photos and later edit them, I try very hard to preserve the feelings that taking the photo engendered in me. I only edit photos to the extent that the changes preserve those feelings, but not to make the photo “perfect” or especially unusual. I am interested in keeping the photo “honest”, even if flawed the way our world really is.

The beauty of nature is profound, of course, but I also find inspiration from what amuses me or gets me thinking. Especially enticing are those photos that are abstract in nature or represent anomalies (exceptions to what we expect). To that end, I notice signs and objects and compositions that make me laugh or wonder or that just entertain me.  I’m excited when others share my vision when seeing my photographs!

Photography is a passion for me. I would be a photographer no matter whether I could “afford” to or not. I would find a way.